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About Us

Vicious Shade is the brainchild of Erin Tetro. Erin is an avid outdoorsman and participates in many Ultra Endurance events throughout the country. It's during these events that he saw a need for quality products to both highlight sponsors and to provide needed protection from the elements. Vicious Shade was born. A combination of lifestyle and functionality is infused into our products. Whatever your need, canopies, flags, banners, or inflatable arches, we have what you need for your next event.

Event coordinators love our products and the speed in which we deliver top quality products. Whether you're a Soccer Club, small business, or Mountain Bike Team, we have the products you need to keep your team or customers cool. Vicious Shade has been able to build very key relationships which allow us to deliver top quality customizable products at affordable prices. So no matter what your need, we are here to discuss your next event and make it go as smoothly as possible with some very custom Vicious Shade.


Vicious Is Our Specialty

Vicious Shade was born out of the need for custom canopies that provide not only shade and protection from various elements but also the need for quality advertising in the outdoor space.

We specialize in custom canopies, flags, tablecloths, and other promotional outdoor items.

We make products so cool, they're vicious.

Quality and Durability-Minded

All of our tents are the highest quality. Made with ultra-strong 40mm hexagon steel frames, nylon infused connectors, and 600D polyester for the canopy, these tents are made to be used over, and over, and over again!

We only use Digital Sublimation Printing. This means your tent will come out with vivid colors and your artwork will look amazing.


Our canopies use ultra-strong 40mm hexagon steel frames and the highest quality fabric.

No-Fade Pigments

Go ahead, take your canopy everywhere the sun shines! Our pigments resist UV damage.

Custom Logos

Don't have a logo for your brand? Have one of our terrific graphic artists take care of it.

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